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Install SCOM 2016 Step by Step


Before we start, we need to install supported version of SQL Server. I have covered the SQL Server 2016 installation process in below article, please refer the same:

Install SQL Server 2016 for System Center Operations Manager 2016.

So, let’s start with downloading the System Center Operations Manger 2016 Setup. You can download SCOM 2016 Setup from Microsoft Download Center.

1: Click on Download button against SC2016_SCOM_EN.EXE and save the setup on Management Server.

2: Extract the SCOM setup files by running SC2016_SCOM_EN.EXE

Installing Prerequisites

Before we procced with the Operations Manager installation, we need to fulfill few prerequisites which are required for Operations Manager 2016.

Oskar landman has written a wonderful script which can install all the required prerequisites for the Operations Manager 2016, and the same can be downloaded from TechNet Gallery.

Download it and give it a Five Star Rating 🙂

Once we download the file, we will get below two scripts under .zip file:

  • SCOM2012_2016_Prerequisites.ps1
  • DownloadOnly_SCOM2012_2016_Prerequisites.ps1

We need to use SCOM2012_2016_Prerequisites.ps1 script only as the other script is only for downloading the prerequisites.

3: Login to the server and launch PowerShell with elevated privileges.

4: Run the script SCOM2012_2016_Prerequisites.ps1 and click Yes button as we are running the script on Windows Server 2016.

5: Click Yes button as the prerequisites are required for Web Console as well.

6: Click OK to provide Windows Server 2016 source.

7: Provide path to Windows Server 2016 setup location.

8: Click Yes button as we will be installing the prerequisites for SCOM 2016.

That’s all you need to do for installing the prerequisites for SCOM 2016.

Note: You must have Internet connection on the server so the script can download required files from internet.

9: Restart the server so the changes may take place.

Installing SCOM

Once the server reboot is done, we are good to go for the SCOM 2016 installation.

I have already extracted the SCOM setup files by running SC2016_SCOM_EN application we have downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

1: Launch the Setup and click Yes button.

2: Click on Install option.

3: Select all the features and click Next.

Note: If you have separate SQL Server machine for your SCOM environment, then you need to install Reporting server feature on the SQL machine.

4: Provide location where SCOM will be installed and click Next.

Since we have already installed all the required prerequisites for SCOM, our prerequisite test has passed without any issues.

5: Click Next to continue.

6: Provide a suitable Management group name for your SCOM environment and click Next.

7: Accept the license terms and click Next.

8: Provide Operational database Server name and instance name.

9: Provide Data file folder, Log file folder path and Click Next.

10: Provide data warehouse database Server name and instance name.

11: Provide Data file folder, Log file folder path and Click Next.

12: Select the SQL Server instance for reporting services and click Next.

NOTE: SQL Agent service should be started otherwise you will get error and you will not be able to proceed further.

13: Leave the options to default and click Next.

We are not going to enable SSL for the Web console yet, I have covered the SSL configuration part in my blog Configure SCOM Web URL to use HTTPS (SSL) only.

14: Leave the option to default and click Next.

Now here you need to pay attention. As per best practices, it’s advised to use separate accounts for the services however since it’s for a demo purpose, I am using single account for all the services mentioned here.

You can get more information about Operations Manager Accounts here Account Information for Operations Manager.

15: Provide the credentials and click Next.

Diagnostic and Usage Data feature is enabled by default. If you use this Operations Manager console to connect to a Operations Manager management server that is sending Diagnostic and Usage Data to Microsoft, the Operations Manager console will also send this data.

Microsoft automatically collects usage and performance data over the internet (“Data”). Microsoft uses this Data to provide and improve the quality, security and integrity of Microsoft products and services.

You can turn off this feature anytime by changing the setting found in the Settings workspace of the Operations Manager console.

16: Click Next.

17: Click Install button.

Sit back and relax, the installation may take few minutes to complete, based upon your server speed.

Once the Setup completes, make sure it’s complete with green check mark. You will get Warning message against Management Server component due to the evaluation version of Operations Manager. You can install the license later on.

18: Click Close button to close the Operations Manager Setup Wizard and launch SCOM console.

System Center Operations Manager is ready for use. Install required Management Packs and start discovering devices.

That’s it.

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